SPKML.com – Now Online!

Not only is SPKML.com now online, but this personal branch of the SPEKTRUMCreations.com website will be integrated with Patreon, allowing me, Christopher Johnson to provide all kinds of additional content to fans by using patreon.com/spkml to facilitate the membership to exclusive weekly/daily broadcasts on SPKML.com, as well as other content such as recordings, full recording sessions in Garageband format, pictures and other info not available to non-patrons. The more fans who become patrons, the more I will be encouraged to produce new and inventive material to share my creativity with you.

Welcome 2019!!!

I just repaired my original Lotus Guitar that is now 27 year old! I’d abused it and played it so much over twenty five years that for the twenty sixth year of it’s life it was dead. I had no bridge. I pulled it off completely hoping to repair it which has finally happenened. This is a sample of the guitar with just a vocal and the guitar recorded on my MacBook using Garageband… I will put a second track which has drums and an electric guitar track as well… Not sure what the song is called so Enjoy!

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