Christopher Johnson calls himself a New Media Artisan. So, what does that mean?

I was in fourth or fifth grade when I picked up a guitar for the first time to play church music. It didn’t take because I didn’t understand what I was doing and thus went in front of the church one Sunday and I was informed I would not be miked. The immense fear of stage fright was only compounded by being shamed for not practicing…

…years later after turning 18 and graduating from High School, I met Eric Boyce, who played “American Pie” and I recognized most of the chords. I bought a guitar the next day and within a week bought my first main guitar, Stoney Kingston Buckthorne, or so that was the name I gave it. Eric instructed me on some basic ideas in music and really fanned the flames of my creativity early on in my playing. I came up with the SPEKTRUM Creations Concept in 1993 and although it was originally named the SPECTRUM Concept, the idea has not changed. It was that same summer of 1993 that I met Don McLean (who wrote “American Pie”) and he was gracious enough to sign my guitar, Stoney.

Eric and I played and wrote for several years and then life happened. I moved to Topeka, Eric got married and I started playing at a weekly Jam session at a local bar in Topeka in 1995. By the fall, I had booked a gig for me and my jam partners to play a show. The show went off okay for a solo acoustic guitarist and singer-songwriter but I was expecting the other people to show up, which they did, during my second song. Well, the show must go on! But the severe stage fright compounded by being snubbed by my band…

Well, in that same fall, of 1995, I drafted the first copy of a screenplay that would contain the music of Eric and myself, entitled, “The Other Side Of Blue”. It was the first in a series of full-length screenplays that remain un-produced.

I continued to hone my graphic art and web design skills and increased my ability to record and edit audio and video.

In 2004 I released a book, “CodeBase” By Chris Johnson.

From there I continued to work on music and production, exploring programming and the progress of technologies like the iPhone. I have worked and continue to work on being a recording artist and that’s what you need to know about Christopher Johnson, New Media Artisan and Recording Artist.