Back in Kansas City!

Just flew back from Denver, Colorado today. Feel very well rested after my three week trip. Refocused, I am working with Jason Buice on his latest EP and we will be releasing his EP through BandCamp.com and we will be introducing a customized subdomain for Jason to advertise as an artist of SPEKTRUM Creations… The subdomain will be attached to the spkml.com domain… details to come. please check back.

The EP written and performed by Jason Buice will be produced and mastered by Christopher Johnson. Although I will be finalizing and mastering the EP in Logic Pro X on my Mac Mini based studio, the songs in this set of recordings have mostly been recorded in Garageband on Jason’s iPhone.

Will a little over a month to prepare for this release, we plan on several studio sessions at my home studio to keep us from getting lost in a quagmire of duplicate files and gobbs of back and forth messages.

Anyway, both Jason Buice and I are very excited to be working on this project, which will be released on Oct. 31, 2020… Please follow, like, subscribe and share with your friends and keep coming back!

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