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Join SCDN github.com/spektrum-creations

Two new project repositories have been established and more on the way at github.com/spektrum-creations. further down the page in this post I’ve also posted a link to my Apple Music station, Christopher Johnson station which plays a great Read more

Sharing my holiday wishes, hopes and dreams with you all…

Merry Christmas day!!! I worked with extra efforts to create this episode of the SPKML Podcast as a unique gift to those who have inspired and supported my musical journey, which has been mainly the source of what has Read more

Remembering EVH

I only found out about the passing of Eddie Van Halen a week ago. I was completely shocked to find out that it has been two months since he died. I decided to record a podcast in remembrance of Read more

New Podcast URL, Github Links and Podcast Episodes Re-released…

I’ve just finished the latest podcast episode & there is news about the SPKML podcast hosted through https://anchor.fm/spkml. Yes that is a new URL to keep things simple and consistent, I’ve dropped the ‘.cj’ from the Read more

Back in Kansas City!

Just flew back from Denver, Colorado today. Feel very well rested after my three week trip. Refocused, I am working with Jason Buice on his latest EP and we will be releasing his EP through BandCamp.com and we will Read more

What's Happening?!?!

Well I, Christopher Johnson have been up to some new things and some of the same stuff as well.  I’ve been working on new music, as always and have been really pushing GarageBand for iOS to the limits. Read more


https://spkml.bandcamp.com/music is where you can find ALL of the albums available by Christopher Johnson… Below are the current digital albums for sale at https://spkml.bandcamp.com

<a href=”http://spkml.bandcamp.com/album/recovered-treasures-2″>Recovered Treasures by Christopher Johnson</a> <a href=”http://spkml.bandcamp.com/album/recovered-treasures-volume-ii”>Recovered Treasures Volume II by Christopher Johnson</a> <a Read more

"Recovered Treasures" by CJ

“Recovered Treasures” is now available to listen to and buy at SPKML.BandCamp.com which has just been launched. I will be moving my current releases from other streaming services to bandcamp.com and other social sites, as well as making my Read more

The SPECTRUM Tape of 1997

This was a J-card for a cassette that was printed in 1997 and given to Kenneth Epperson for safe keeping. As he was charged, it was kept safe and made it’s way back to me 22 years later.

This Read more

I need a 4track tape recorder!!!!

I am looking to obtain an audio cassette four track recorder to archive and remaster a footlocker full of tapes I recorded from the 90s.

email me or contact me on social media “Attn: I have a 4track tape Read more

Hanging out in Colorado!

I get to play this guitar while in Colorado, which belongs to my uncle now… [typedjs]I’m not sure what I will be doing over the first part of December other than writing and recording. It’s the content and the Read more