"The Flight" has landed!

“The Flight” by Christopher Johnson is OUT!!! Buy the CD!!!

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The Flight by Christopher Johnson

CDs, LPs and USBs… Oh my!

Currently, I have one CD available on Amazon.com and another soon to be joining it(see the music page). It seems that streaming is nice but a CD is a physical product that people still want and If I want Read more

Lovin' Tascam right now…


This product link is to a headphone jacked input device that allows you to use your phone running a multi-track application. You can use it with the iphone with Garageband but you can also use it with Android Read more


Each day we get a chance to be an asshole or a decent person. It’s our choice. I believe in a simple mantra… All choice is based in love or fear. It hasn’t failed me. Test it. Tell me Read more