Midnight Jam By Christopher Johnson











This album is now available from this website…  download now.  Recorded in May of 2018, in Denver, Colorado and was produced by Christopher Johnson using Garageband on an iPhone 6.

Midnight Jam

  1. Happily
  2. Cold Rain And Snow
  3. The Sun Come Out Of The Water
  4. Ooh Girl, I Need You
  5. Just One Kiss
  6. The Way I Feel
  7. I Feel Fine
  8. I Just Can’t Say No
  9. You Wanna Get High
  10. The Stars In Your Eyes
  11. Always Reminds
  12. Kick It Off
  13. Rough It Up
  14. That One Song
  15. Nothing Lasts Forever
  16. Please Come Back To Me
  17. In The End
  18. The Night






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