Sharing my holiday wishes, hopes and dreams with you all…

Merry Christmas day!!! I worked with extra efforts to create this episode of the SPKML Podcast as a unique gift to those who have inspired and supported my musical journey, which has been mainly the source of what has enabled and encouraged me to over-come great obstacles and see them as challenging opprotumities for growth by recognizing the need to maintain a mostly consistent need to nurture within myself, an ongoing sense of hope for the future, while striving towards dreams that are hoped to be or will become a win-win or at least have benefit to others… It has spurred me on to embrace an inspired sense and to have an innate personal drive to have the audacity to share these ideas and feelings that have inspired me to this point and beyond; hoping you all continuue to have or have had a great Christmas/Holiday! Wishing everybody the best and I will see you on next week’s episode of the SPKML Podcast the New Year’s eve special where I will re-release my album from 2019, “The Flight” and perhaps be able to share a surprise or two.

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